Xpeng G9 SUV equipped with 15-minute fast charging

 Chinese electric car startup called XPeng announced the introduction of its G9 Flagship SUV, the company’s fourth manufacturing vehicle, which it claims would establish a “new standard” for autonomous driving features in automobiles.

According to the manufacturer, the G9 will include an Embedded system that will ultimately apply to both urban and interstate driving.

During the online launch ceremony for the G9, He Xiaopeng, CEO and chairman of XPeng, said, “We think [the G9] will establish the new standard for smart EVs, marking the final step before the implementation of totally driverless driving.”

The G9 debut coincides with XPeng releasing the City Navigator Assisted Pilot (NGP) on the P5 family car, which had been much anticipated. Initially, P5 and G9 owners in Guangzhou will have access to the ADAS, which is similar to Tesla’s trademarked Full Self-Driving software.

There will be a total of six variations of the G9 SUV available, each having a unique range. Depending on the model, the predicted driving range is either 570 kilometers (354 miles), 650 kilometers (404 miles), or 702 kilometers (436 miles). The price of an intelligent luxury automobile ranges from 309,900 to 469,900 RMB (about $44,000 to $66,660).

Xpeng G9

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) Standard Range vehicles (570G and 570E) are powered by a V8 engine producing 308 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque, allowing them to go from 0 to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds. According to the Chinese testing process, which is more generous than Europe’s WLTP standards, the claimed range is 354. The RWD Long Range version of the G9 has the same stated performance and acceleration as the Standard Range version.

There are three 4×4 Performance variants to choose from: the 650E Performing, the 650X Performance, and the 650X Launch Edition. A dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain produces 543 horsepower and 717 Newton meters of torque in all three vehicles, allowing them to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a claimed 3.9 seconds. All 4WD Performance models, including the G9, have a peak speed of 124 mph, and the manufacturer claims that its range is 403 miles when subjected to the Chinese testing cycle. Xpeng claims that the G9 has a real-world useful range that is 5-10% more than that of competing SUVs.

Outer walls
Let’s explore the new G9 from the outside in. It’s almost like taking a zero-emission candy bar out of its wrapper. Since the G9’s most interesting and intriguing elements are buried in its underpinnings and affixed to its interior technologies, there isn’t much to discuss here.

The above 360-degree image shows that XPeng’s G9 is a handsome full-size SUV with seating for five and aerodynamics that allow it to offer respectable performance figures.

At first sight, the cabin’s dark internal paneling will draw your attention away from the plush caramel materials. The dashboard has two high-definition screens, the larger of which is 15 inches wide and on which XPeng’s innovative dynamic 3D user experience based on the Unity3D engine makes its world premiere. The new ADAS system relies on a precise 3D map rendering of the vehicle’s immediate environment (more on that below).

Xpeng G9
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The G9’s cabin is packed with helpful extras for the driver and passengers, like an always-on artificial intelligence voice assistant that can receive and process instructions from any of the vehicle’s four seating positions. Without an active data connection, the voice assistant may still reply in milliseconds and manage over 600 car features.

The G9, according to XPeng, has “the world’s quickest charging” capabilities.
XPeng Motors thinks that the G9’s inner workings, rather than its superficial features, will set it apart from the competition in China and abroad. Specifically, its 800V charging infrastructure, which is supported by Silicon Carbide (SiC) chips, ensures a fast rate of charge delivery.

XPeng claims that the G9 is the “world’s quickest charging EV,” which brings up the topic of charging. There is no official data to support that claim, but the carmaker’s released specifications are astounding. To begin, the G9 will include 3C battery cells from companies like EVE, CALB, and CATL standards in most of its trims (detailed further below).

Xpeng G9

The voiceover assistance system in the G9 is driven by Multiple Input Multiple Output technology, which allows it to react to requests from anywhere in the cabin in milliseconds. A 3D map of the driver’s immediate vicinity is included in XPeng’s new dynamic 3D user interface as standard on the SUV.

Xopera, a multimedia system by XPeng, will also be included in the high-end SUV. It has a total of 28 speakers and vibration units, with a combined power of 2,250 W. Dolby Atmos technology is used by Xopera to add seat vibrations, alterations to ambient lighting, and scents according to the movie being watched, music being played, or desired atmosphere.

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