Car detailing tips are helpful to maintain your car to remain in a brand new condition. Professional car detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring a vehicle. Car wash and car detailing are two jobs; car wash cleans the exterior, while car detailing covers interior and exterior parts. A freshly washed and waxed car gives an instant appealing sight. Its glowing wheels and bright body paint are impressive. When you open the door and get in, the neatness and comfort add to the pleasant feeling you had at first sight. A clean interior makes driving a much more excellent experience for the driver. 

Exterior Car Detailing TipsInterior Car Detailing Tips
wash and dry Vacuuming 
Polish and waxScrubbing and brushing
Leather trimming, glass cleaning, perfuming

Exterior car detailing covers washing, drying, paint claying, polishing, waxing, and sealing activities. Car detailer washes the body, rims, door handles, and glasses by hand. He uses water and other specialized products to clean exterior detailing. By paint claying, the car detailer removes overspray or any contaminants left after the car has been washed. Furthermore, a polished and waxed look is gained through the claying process. However, polishing and waxing separately attribute a glossy sheen to the car.

Through polishing, swirls and minor scratches disappear while sealing protects the sheen as a protective layer. Besides, headlight polishing, engine detailing, trim repainting, paint touch-up, bumper repair, glass chip repair, and engine pressure cleaning are some of the other exterior services.

Interior Car Detailing Tips

Interior car detailing comprises glass cleaning, vacuuming, steam cleaning, scrubbing, brushing, etc. In order to clean debris,  the headliner, rear cargo area, seats, carpets, mats, and trunk are vacuumed. Then the car detailer will brush and scrub mats and floor carpets to remove stains on the floor. However, they can only remove tough stains by steam cleaning, which is more effective than scrubbing and brushing.

car detailing tips

Leather parts of the car are cleaned using soap and a leather cleaner, while glass cleaning is completed by cleaning the windshield and windows. Another tip of interior car detailing tips is to give the entire detailing process a finish by perfuming. Many detailers use a deodorant in the interior of a car to leave a lasting fresh smell inside the car.

The Steps of Car Detailing

Car detailing tips are listed here for an essential order that you may find easy to follow.

1. Remove loose items 

2. Start from the top

3. Look for the dust

4. Slide the seats forward

5. Brush and vacuum upholstery and carpets

6. Deep clean upholstery and carpets 

7. Clean hard-to-reach places

8. Wipe and wash plastic surfaces

9. Install seat covers

10. Clean windows

Remove loose items – before putting the car to detailing, ensure you have removed things kept in cup holders, center console, footwells, and glove compartment. 

Start from the top – in some places, car detailers start from carpets and upholstery from the beginning. However, experienced interior detailers start from the top and continue. It is recommended to brush out air vents and clean the steering wheel and dashboard. Why do you need to start from here? Because cleaning these areas of dirt and dust causes dirt to drop to lower areas. For better interior cleaning, every part inside the car has to be scrutinized with a vacuum and a detailed brush. 

Slide the seats forward

Under the car seats, you may find old receipts and coins once you start cleaning these areas. Dust lies everywhere under the seats as they are hardly slid or checked.

Brush and vacuum upholstery and carpet

When you go for a car wash, there are some instances when they dust the carpets and all. But they do not attend to brushing and vacuuming carpets and upholstery to remove deeply embedded particles. When you go for car detailing, professional service providers use a high-powered vacuum and a coarse brush to agitate and loosen up dirt particles. If you can go further, use shampoo and a steam cleaning machine to get a complete and fresh look.  

Do Car Detailing Tips Help to Satisfy Customers?

Don’t you like to drive a car with a shiny look? As a car is an expensive item we buy as a long-term investment in travel and transport, we must maintain the car for a long-lasting impact. As I mentioned above, car detailing is not a mere car wash but costs more than a car wash. However, timely car detailing saves you lots of money you will have to spend for sudden breakdowns. If you are driving a car regularly, your maintenance should be regular too.

Not only in using but also in selling the car you used, regular maintenance is required. Clean windshields, mirrors, windows, and properly working gear, horns, and wheels ensure your safety during your ride. Therefore, the car detailing tips you learned today will save both your life and money of yours for sure.

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