The windshield is one of the essential parts of a vehicle. It serves as a shield against dust, rain, and wind primarily. Vehicles need a clean windshield to ensure the road ahead is clear to the driver. However, any windshield gets obscure over time. You can follow our article to learn the best way to clean windshields.

best way to clean windshield
best way to clean windshield

Cleaning inside the Windshield 

Using a few things, you can clean the inside of the windshield. These items include 

  • -Rubbing alcohol
  • -Microfiber cloth
  • -Store-bought glass cleaner or a homemade mix (made with water, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and a few drops of vinegar)

Now you have gathered all you need and can follow the steps I suggest to clean your windshield.

  1. First, wipe down the windshield using a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt on the surface.
  2. Then you can use another cloth to rub some alcohol and remove any grease on the surface.
  3. The third step is to spray glass cleaner on the other side of the cloth and, in a circular motion, wipe the glass. 
  4. Now let the windshield dry completely. You will find streaks or residue of glass cleaner on the glass. 
best way to clean windshield
best way to clean windshield

Tips for cleaning your windshield

Cleaning the windshield on a regular basis is a good habit to maintain your windshield in good condition. You can clean the glass after detailing your car by yourself or a professional. Perhaps, the glass may seem clean and clear, but there are small bug guts and road dirt as spots that create an obscure sight when direct sunlight is flashed on the glass. 

best way to clean windshield
best way to clean windshield

What you should not use to clean?

As we have heard famous tricks to clean things like soda, ammonia-based products, and shaving cream, there may be better choices for windshield cleaning. You must avoid ammonia-based products because it is likely to damage rubber, vinyl, plastic, and tint on the auto glass and leather.

best way to clean windshield
best way to clean windshield

Quality Cleaners for a better view

The best way to clean windshield is to use auto glass cleaners and a good microfiber towel. A towel is a must to clean the windshield, and you must remember that one side of the towel or cloth must be used to clean. You may use the other side of the towel to remove dirt on the glass to clear it of any residue.

Why Should I Clean the Glass as the Last step?

The best way to clean the windshield is to clean it last. In other words, you can wash, wax, detail, or do whatever cleaning to the car, and your final step will be to clean the glass. Why? Because glass is likely to catch dirt in no time. You can prevent the glass from catching any residue by leaving it to the last. 

best way to clean windshield
best way to clean windshield

Why Do I need to avoid direct sunlight when cleaning the windshield?

Direct sunlight causes cleaners to evaporate quickly, leaving streaks or marks. When cleaning the glass, you will find a specifically designed hand tool suitable for cleaning the glass effectively.

When do I need to replace the wipes?

Windshield wipers are essential to keep the glass clean, which is extremely helpful when driving during heavy rains. Cleaning the windshield includes the proper maintenance of windshield wipers too. They show signs of needy replacement when they dry out or crack. As before, you may also use glass cleaner to clean the wiper blades. However, if they are dried too much, you need to replace them sooner, as a tip to take care of the windshield. 


Regular windshield cleaning is not mandatory, but it comes in handy. It takes only a little time to clean the windshield, but the payoff it returns is big. A well-maintained windshield does not blur your sight at night or in heavy rains, preventing a possible accident. Therefore, the best way to clean the windshield is to have continuous care and regular attendance with timely repairs. 

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