Have you ever imagined that your home is much closer to your fingertip? It needs one touch to reach your home, whether at work or on a picnic. No matter where you are, Tesla can reach your home with just one touch. It is that much simple.

You can route the destination faster with one swipe and disable lookout mode at home. The fantastic feature of navigation makes your goals easier. So, the setup is even so incredible. Here is how,

  • First, you have to press the navigation icon on the touch screen. 
  • If this is your first time setting the home address on Tesla, touch the home icon and enter your home address. 
  • But if you need to change the address, keep pressing the home icon for 3 to 4 seconds. 
  • Then press the reset button.

Before setting the “Home,” it needs to know the map’s orientation. 

When considering the user interface, it becomes apparent. Tesla has established a considerable lead regarding the user interface on car screens.

North up:
  • On screens, North is always at the top.
  • The icon will turn blue whenever you tap this control, letting you know that the map is tracking the vehicle.
  • The icon will turn gray, and the map will stop following the car if you pan or rotate it with your finger(s).
  • Re-tap it to turn to track back on.
Heading Up:
  • Always at the top of the screen is the direction you are moving in. Whenever you change direction, the map rotates.
  • A compass is visible on the map whenever it is in the Heading Up orientation (where North is not at the top). The image on the compass shows the direction you are traveling, and the arrow points North. To change to North Up, touch the compass.
  • A map is always visible on the touchscreen.

To navigate the map, use your finger(s):

  • Use a finger to hold down and drag the map in any direction.
  • Holding two fingers together, rotate the map in any direction.
  • By stretching or pinching two fingers, you can zoom the map in or out.
  • Your present location is not tracked when you rotate or move the map.
  • The map orientation icon briefly flashes the word “Tracking Disabled” next to it before turning gray. Activate tracking once more by selecting North Up or Heading Up from the map’s orientation icon.

In each and every map the north is denoted. So as in Tesla. Tesla uses google maps for the point of interest only. However, as far as traffic routing and navigation goes, it uses its navigation. While it may be similar to google maps, it may not be as accurate.

Here is an extra tip: have your google maps open while you are on a road trip for more accurate readings. Also, it is a must to know that there is no apple car-play or android auto in Tesla. However, overall, the Tesla navigation is pretty good.

Once you input your home and work address, you should be all set. If you ever want to change the work or home address, you need to hold the home or work icon, and then you can either enter a new address or clear the lesson from the saved navigation. 

Once you input an address, you can easily add a favorite by inputting the address and then clicking the waypoint icon on the right. Then click the star to add that to your favorites. And while you are navigating, you can customize things like avoiding tools and fairies by changing the volume of the voice command. This means Tesla can use voice commands to specify a destination. If you have access to data, you can begin typing your goal and then select from the list of auto-complete entries that appears. For instance, you can order only the street, the company name, or the category (such as hotels, coffee, etc.).

To add your favorite locations to your Tesla, follow these steps:

  • When you select Navigate, a search box will appear above the icons for home and work.
  • Enter the location’s name in the search field, and then click the preferred location’s pin.
  • You’ll then see a pop-up with information about that location. It provides the full address, customer reviews, business hours, and driving distance. You can choose to call or navigate to that location as well.
  • However, once you select Navigate, there is no way for you to add any addresses besides your home and workplace.
  • Although it’s not immediately apparent, the blank field where you can type and perform a location search is there.

This is a little description on waypoint icon:

  • Tesla has released a long-awaited feature, waypoints. With “Add Stops”, as Tesla calls this feature, you can include multiple destinations in your GPS navigation.
  • Owners have so far only been able to enter an address in their navigation. If you have had multiple stops, enter the second address after arriving at the first.
  • The ability to set multiple destinations is especially useful when setting up charging stations. Allows you to plan your route and charging stops in advance.

While on route to one of your previous destinations, it also makes it simple to view the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your final destination. The same as before, add any destination to use waypoints. However, you’ll now see a new icon with a map marker and a plus sign to the right of the Navigate box. When you tap the icon, the usual dialog box to enter another address will appear, but this time, the location will be added as a stop in between your current location and your destination. Your ETA is displayed for each location, letting you know exactly when you’ll reach each of your planned stops.

In its initial implementation, this feature has a few limitations. The first is that once a stop is added, it cannot be removed without completely canceling the trip and starting over. The order of your destinations cannot currently be changed, so it is also not currently possible to route to a different stop first or determine the best route. The Tesla software update 2021.40.6 introduces waypoints, which are gradually being made available to all Tesla models and areas.

It’s all set now. Hurray! It’s the time to Go home.

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