Is it that much typical to use phone as care keys?

As you all know, Phone is a typical communication method. You can call or leave a message on the phone. But have you ever considered a scenario in which a phone serves as a key?

Of course, Tesla can now use your phone as a key, which is currently allowed. Someone can consider the possibility of the phone stealing. Nothing to worry about! If your phone is stolen, you can easily cancel the subscription. So, you don’t have to worry about using your phone as a key.

In addition to using your phone as a key, there are many problems, such as: how many phone keys you can have, how to add more keys and how many people can get into your car. Fortunately, Tesla foresaw most of these inquiries and provided them with straightforward solutions.


Phone as a key, what is?

A phone can be used as a key, thanks to a technology called phone as a Key (PaaK). With their phones (Smart devices or Apple devices), users may start their cars and lock and unlock their car doors. This indicates that a car key or a fob is no longer required.

Usually, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the wireless network used by the smartphone and the vehicle to connect Accessing your automobile and sharing a car with other users is made simpler with PaaK.

How many phone keys can we use? 

Since the majority of Tesla models allow for up to 19 keys per vehicle, it would be simple to suggest that you could have 19 keys for a phone. However, it is not. A minimum of one certified key or one key must always be present in every vehicle. So, if you choose that option, you can obtain 18 phone keys.

If it is lost or stolen, having at least one crucial fob and an authenticated key card as backups would likely be the best course of action. Additionally, while adding a phone, you cannot add additional phone keys without a confirmed virtual card or key fob.

Knowing how many there are, it’s time to learn about more prevalent issues everyone can solve.

How do I reconnect my Tesla phone key?

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, connecting to your Tesla vehicle from your phone is very convenient. The main procedures involve Bluetooth pairing your car and setting up your phone as a key. But what if you followed all the instructions but the phone button still didn’t function? Or perhaps it used to function correctly, but not anymore.

Be sure to search for out more guidance on diagnosing and fixing your phone’s malfunctioning button.

It will be more annoying and confusing if the phone key doesn’t function properly. Therefore, need to find out the causes of the disconnect to get rid of this. It will be more annoying and confusing if the phone key doesn’t function properly.

Phone as a key

What will cause the disconnection?

The Bluetooth may not be properly connected, the most frequent cause of phone key malfunction. The fact that the phone and the car are not synchronized is an additional factor. Or that you have your phone in airplane mode (Flight mode).

Additionally, the phone button might not function because it has been added more than once. Finally, if you are not using the most recent Tesla software updates, may not connect your phone key may not be connected to your car. We want to investigate the reason for the disconnect before reconnecting the phone key. After that, we need to take action to prevent disconnecting.

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and install the latest Tesla software update if your Tesla phone key isn’t working.

Check to see if your phone isn’t in airplane mode and if you’re properly connected to your car if that doesn’t work.

Whether you have tried those mentioned above or not, adhere to these steps:

  • Startup Tesla
  • Uninstall the Tesla app, then reinstall it (Reinstall the app with all the updates).
  • Tap the automobile icon in the touchscreen’s lower-left corner.
  • Pick your locks.
  • Select the plus sign (+) (It is next to the “text button”).
  • After that, click “Add your phone.”
  • Launch the Tesla app and enter your login information.
typical communication method

Why is my phone not working as my Tesla key?

Do you own an Android-powered device? or an Apple product? Whatever you may have. Here are some suggestions for every device.

 For Android:

  • Attempt repeatedly turning Bluetooth on and off. Turn on airplane mode if it still doesn’t work.
  • Choosing optimization software on your phone can enhance functionality when using it as a phone key for Tesla for newer versions of Android.
  • Choose the “Optimization” button to accomplish this.

Tips to get connected

  • First, make sure your Tesla app is up to date.
  • To connect to a new iPhone after purchasing an older one, you must first unplug the older one.
  • First, make sure you have the latest Tesla app update.
  • If you buy a new iPhone, you must also disconnect the old phone to connect to the new one.
  • As with your Android Phone, you can test same above steps to get the phone to connect by turning Bluetooth and Airplane mode on and off.

Tesla will support a variety of keys; the most user-friendly is a phone key. After all, we frequently carry our phones. When your phone dongle breaks, it cannot be charming. After trying the steps mentioned earlier and still having trouble connecting your Phone to Tesla, contact Tesla Support.

Use the card or key fob until the phone button starts working again. It doesn’t.

Does the Tesla phone key work without the internet?

Ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough because you need a strong internet connection to use the app in your car for everything. To launch the app, press the corresponding button on the back. For this setup and pairing, the internet and phone key are needed (once). After that, Bluetooth Unlock won’t require an internet connection to function on the car or phone.

 You cannot retrieve the data if the connection status on the first data page indicates that your car is not connected to the Tesla servers. A temporary issue with the car’s computer or a connectivity issue with the cellular or Wi-Fi connection can cause this.

But consider a Tesla Model S from before 2021. The internet serves as the foundation for every connection in the car. Older versions cannot use the phone key without the internet.

Finally, anyone can own a Tesla, making it more convenient for drivers. However, not everyone can operate it. Tesla is the electric vehicle science. Finding so many features that make our journey more comfortable is pretty interesting. Safe driving with Tesla!

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