The Tesla key card working? before to know that lets begin with what key card is.

Tesla key card, what is it?

The automobile company’s solution to the inconvenience of the regular usual car key is the Tesla Key Card. The small card is an emergency replacement for your key fob or phone key, which are the preferred ways to lock and unlock your automobile.

The cards are strong, waterproof, don’t need batteries, cost $35 for two instead of $300 to replace and reprogram a standard key, and make it simple to deny access if a keycard is lost or stolen. The same is true of Tesla key fobs, which are an add-on for the Model 3 or Model Y but are included with the Model S or Model X as standard equipment.

And for more info, all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, as well as the updated 2021+ Model S and X, are compatible with the Tesla Key Card.

Tesla key card, what it looks like?

Understanding how the Tesla Key card functions are essential before diving into issues related to the card.

Why? One might think. Knowledge truly is power, and a quick rundown might enable you to comprehend the situation better.

The following elements make up a Tesla key card:

Together, these parts allow communication between your key card and vehicle.

A casing protects these parts but is still susceptible to harm and interference.

The time has come to speed up learning and consider what might happen to your card now that you are familiar with the information.

using a tesla key card; how to? 

Should the key be out of your pocket, wallet, etc.? Due to interference from other contactless cards inside the wallet, the key card might not detect.

A few inches below the camera concealed behind the glass, place the card flat on the b-pillar, which is located between the front and rear doors.

If you have the feature turned on, the vehicle will make a single chirp to let you know it’s unlocked; if not, the lights will flash.

You can now start the automobile by removing the key and getting inside.

adding a new Key card. How to?

To add a new card, you must already have a key.

  • Open the Car menu on the screen after getting into your car.
  • Press the button to add a new keycard after navigating to the Locks section.
  • Follow the directions displayed on the screen.

This approach may be helpful if you’re unsure which key card you should use; if you tap a key card on the center console (3/Y) or wireless charging pad (2021 S/X), it will recognize itself from the list on the screen.

  • You can deny access if a key card is misplaced or you don’t want it to use to unlock your Tesla. 
  • Enter your car and turn on the screen’s Car menu to do this. 
  • Press the trash can symbol next to the key card you want to delete in the Locks section of the navigation menu. 

Use your Android device as a key fob. 

Through Near Field Communication (NFC), your phone can function as a key card! 

Adding your cellphone as a key automatically activates the feature, so turn on NFC and try it! To lock or unlock the car, tap your phone on the b-pillar. If it doesn’t work, make sure “Tesla” is selected as a contactless payment option in your device’s contactless payment settings. Keeping your key card in your wallet is not recommended if you are interfering with outside pressure. Your key card will rub against other cards in your purse or the wallet itself, which will cause physical interference. Therefore, be proactive and keep your card in its holder.

Pairing or Connecting

Let’s face it, life in the modern world is busy. Grabbing the key and heading out is a significant portion of your morning routine.

Since Tesla key cards are sold in pairs, there is a chance that you will pick up the incorrect key when rushing out the door in the morning. When using this unpaired key, you’ll be perplexed as to why your Tesla key card isn’t functioning. To prevent this, ensure you match both key cards with your Tesla.

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Issues with Configuration

Your compact key card is neither perfect nor any other system or gadget. Software patches are frequently needed to fix these issues.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that some upgrades can be problematic. Therefore, if your Tesla key card suddenly stops functioning, it may be a patch-related problem. This issue should be resolved with a straightforward “delete and reload.”

Incorrect Position

It’s crucial to place your key card precisely along the pillar of your automobile door. If you do this wrong, your automobile won’t start!

A broken card

Unfortunately, mishaps do occur! Your key card might no longer function properly if it has significant chips, cracks, or even a cut. So, kindly keep your card secure and check it frequently for damage. You might be able to avoid this frustrating situation by doing so.

Impact of Temperature

As you may remember, key cards are made up of many parts. Naturally, various temperatures will be in touch with these components. Extreme circumstances might cause them to malfunction. This frequently occurs in icy conditions, and you might need to rub the card between your palms briefly.

What can I do to repair my Tesla key card?

Though The key card is too chilly, reheat it between your palms. Fixing common problems is not that difficult.

An unprogrammed card? Oops! Take the other one, please.

But it can solve not all issues in a little 20 seconds. You require a little more expertise in troubleshooting in these challenging circumstances.

This might seem like “placing a wet object in rice for 20 minutes and trying again” for electric cars, but it’s a tip worth trying.

Software bugs occasionally occur in systems, such as when the Tesla phone key system stops working because of heavy network traffic.

If your card doesn’t work, try waiting for around 20 minutes and seeing if the issue resolves itself before taking further action.

Examine the driver’s door pillar. You may unlock some Tesla vehicles made before 2021 from the passenger side.

The most recent models, however, no longer permit this, and the driver door pillar must position to open your Tesla.

Reset the vehicle

You might need to reset your car if your card isn’t working. Use the two buttons as follows to accomplish this:

  • Ensure that your car is parked.
  • Hold down the steering-wheel scroll buttons while you wait for the screen to go black.

After resetting, the screen will turn on, and the Tesla icon will appear. Now you can try your key one more.

Alternative Keys

So, you’ve come to the stage where using your key card isn’t an option. Unsatisfactory, we know! But happily, you can choose to utilize a key fob or phone key. When locked out, using a key fob or phone key is helpful.

Here is a summary:

  • The key fob is a tiny button shaped like your Tesla, while the phone key is a mobile app.
  • The accessibility of the Phone key is complimentary, while you must purchase the Key fob’s accessibility separately.
  • The key fob uses the driver’s door pillar and doesn’t require a charged battery, and the Phone key needs a fully charged phone.

When it talked about the potential for interference, Radio frequencies may impact key fob functionality. But there nothing changes with radio frequencies.

Make use of the Tesla service call feature.

If you’ve read this far, your issue is a little more serious, and your best course of action is to get in touch with the Tesla service center. There are many ways to reach Tesla, including immediate roadside help. You can find these numbers even on their website.

How Can My Tesla Key Card Be Reset?

By removing and reinstalling your Tesla key card, you can reset it.

You should take the following actions:

  • Go to “locks” in your screen’s “controls” area.
  • Place an already-paired fob or card over the sensor to confirm the procedure after finding the key you want to remove and deleting it with the trash button.
  • Reinstall by exiting, entering, and choosing the Plus to sign in the keys area.

Placing an already-paired fob or card over the sensor will allow you to scan your card and confirm its validity.

Little about the cost

You’ve run out of options; therefore, getting a new key card is your only option. Be at ease; such things do occur.

Fortunately, you may acquire a replacement key card for $35 from the Tesla store.

The Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y automobile replacement cards should include a foldable wallet and two key cards.

It’s vital to remember that the cards work with 3 and Y models from any year and S and X models starting in 2021. These cards furthermore only function from the driver’s side.

Final Comments

Problem-solving with key cards can be challenging and irritating. Start with the card to solve your problems in the most fantastic way possible. Keep an eye out for damage, and be careful of the temperature. You might discover that the issue is more severe and that a reboot or reset is necessary. While it will take a little longer, doing so frequently resolves the problem quickly.

Use a different key while you wait for assistance from a Tesla service center if you’re in deeper water. In no time, you’ll be back on the journey!

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