If you’re in the market for a car, you should seriously consider buying a Ford Mustang. These cars are fun to drive, but because they are reliable and affordable, you can buy one of these cars for under $30,000, which is about half the price of other luxury vehicles on the market. They are also environmentally friendly since their F-150 engines can run off biofuel!

Many think that buying a ford mustang is the wrong decision, mainly because of the upfront costs. But remember, these cars will have a lifetime, so you aren’t wasting your money on something that may break down in a few years. Why should you buy a ford mustang? We’ve listed our top 50 reasons for owning a Ford Mustang.

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  1. It has a 3-liter v6 engine with an aluminum block and variable cam phasers


  1. The fuel economy is in the range of 17/26 for city and highway


  1. The car can handle up to 60mph in just over 10 seconds


  1. The car comes with a three year or 100,000-mile new vehicle warranty


  1. It has heated cloth front bucket seats, a leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel with cruise control, and a fully automatic driver information center


  1. The trunk space is decent enough for carrying your belongings from place to place


  1. It has standard air conditioning

  1. It has an optional 3.31 rear axle ratio, which is great for extra performance


  1. With the help of a supercharger, it has an extra 90 horsepower but is still able to maintain its fuel economy


  1. a lot of people think it’s an old car, but there are many new features which go with the old design


  1. Its timeless style, great looks, and comfort level make it one of the best-looking cars out there.


  1. It has plenty of sports options for those looking for more performance, especially with the V-8 engines


  1. You will never have to fear any type of check engine light because your car comes with a nice OBD II system


  1. it’s not too big or too small to be picked up very easily by other people


  1. It has a large amount of aftermarket support from parts manufacturers, which increases the customization factor of the vehicle


  1. If, for some reason, you end up in one of those small fender benders, it’s not going to cost anything to fix


  1. The seats are very comfortable and will make a great ride for a long trip or just around town


  1. The engine is very quiet compared to most cars out there, so when you’re driving around town, you won’t annoy other people with loud rattles or squeaks


  1. The styling is good enough that you can pass it off as something newer than what it was when it was made


  1. The car has a nice look and interior design that makes it feel like you can just drive all day without getting tired

  1. If you purchase the car new, then by the time that you pay off the loan and fix any issues that may arise, your car will be worth more than what you bought it for, so it’s almost like paying cash for a new car


  1. it’s a very reliable vehicle with almost no electrical problems


  1. it’s better than most other sports cars because of its great torque numbers and smooth V-6 engine


  1. The vehicle comes with many safety features such as ABS brakes and an airbag system in case something unforeseen happens on the road
    350 Ford Year Mustang 1967 American Gt


  1. it’s a great choice for a first car or an entry vehicle for people who want green cars


  1. It has a very small turn radius which is great in tight spaces where you have to turn fast


  1. In case the car breaks down, the repair cost will be much less than most other options out there because of its high reliability


  1. The car does not have an annoying ride when it comes to gas mileage. In fact, in EPA testing, it received a 19 miles per gallon in highway and city combined


  1. If you need help in deciding whether you should buy this vehicle, then just sit inside one and take a look around at how well it was designed and built by Ford Motor Company


  1. All the changes that the car needs are not very expensive compared to other cars


  1. a lot of people out there are in love with this model, so when they get in their new cars, they will be reminiscing about how much they will miss the original one


  1. It has tons of aftermarket parts available, which are usually better than what the factory offers


  1. It’s a great choice for people who do not want to be influenced by all the hype that surrounds these vehicles during showrooms and in advertisements


  1. The car also looks good in any size garage or driveway, although it isn’t recommended for any larger spaces because then it just seems too small for all-around use


  1. it’s a great choice because it’s not very overpriced like some other vehicles out there


  1. It has an overall great riding experience for an affordable price


  1. The V6 engine is strong enough to allow the vehicle to accelerate at higher speeds without having to use too much gas


  1. It has loads of power compared to older models because this car uses the newer style 4-liter v8 engine with 300 horsepower


  1. You can find replacement parts that are easy to install and relatively inexpensive, which is good for owners who like to fix their own vehicles instead of taking them back to the dealerships over time


  1. it’s very reliable with no known problems yet


  1. It has a decent amount of cargo space which is great for long trips


  1. All the parts are easy to remove and replace without having to take the engine out of the vehicle


  1. The car’s appearance holds up even with regular washing and waxing, although it’s recommended that you don’t do this in salt or harsh environments where it can be damaged or fade in color


  1. It has an OEM quality shape that is not too small as many other vehicles out there


  1. The car has a great design for it because of the high-quality materials used in building it, which makes it last longer


  1. The cost of owning this vehicle is very low compared to other options because of the low maintenance required


  1. Stable engine performance allows for a great fuel economy


  1. Long-lasting parts are available to help keep the car running smoothly even after years of use


  1. It has very good handling capabilities because of its symmetrical front and rear axle design


  1. The car is filled with many user-friendly features that are easy to operate once you become familiar with them

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