Americans spend at least 90 minutes a day behind the wheel. That’s definitely a lot. So why not spend this time in comfort and ease? There are so many simple yet useful tricks that can turn your mundane commute into a pleasant journey.

#13  A pin on the map will help you find your parked car.

“Ahh, I Forgot where I parked my car”. Ever Uttered these words to yourself. Of course. You have. Ever we are? It can be especially difficult to find your car when it’s in a huge parking lot, or you’ve parked in a multi-level garage. It’s even tougher at night and yeah, we all forget to check the row or level we parked on. Well, it’s no longer a problem. If you use this handy little trick, simply drop a pin with the location of your car on your mobile map, in this case. Google Maps will eagerly help you locate your vehicle in no time.


#12  Use a Serial container as a trash can.

You probably know how inconvenient it can be to have to constantly stop and throw away some trash out of your car or if you don’t make these stops garbage, just keep piling up all over the inside of your vehicle. Fortunately, You don’t have to choose between these two options, take an empty cereal container, put a trash bag inside. You now have an ideal no-Spill trash can for all your empty wrappers and cups. Plus you don’t have to worry about Spilling if you turn or brake too abruptly.

#11  A roll of duct tape as a cup holder.

Your car is most likely equipped with a perfectly useful cup holder. But what if you have one beverage too many, instead of squeezing it between your thighs and risking a really embarrassing accident. You can put a roll of duct tape on the passenger seat to place your drink inside. Plus you’ll always have the universally handy duct tape Within Reach. Wherever you need it.

#10  A tackle box makes a great snack kit.

What could be better than having your own personal snack supply on the road? If you like variety, but can’t stand taking a bunch of different packages that you have to pull over just to open safely. Then here’s your perfect solution. Take a tackle box, write a grocery store or your kitchen and assemble a nice little kid of your favorite snacks. No fuss, no mess, and no more stopping at convenience stores, just to ease your cravings to get you started on your Snack Pack. Here are some suggestions of what to fill it with, pretzels. Chopped nuts, cheesy popcorn, M & M’s crackers, dried fruit or berries granola, raisins, potato chips, cookies. I think I’ll get started on making mine right about now. 

Oh wait, we still have lots more car hacks and tips to go

#9  Don’t forget about the 2 ports USB charger.

Deciding who gets to charge their phone or tablet on the road, usually turns into a battle of who’s on a lower percentage or who has a more important call or text they’re waiting for. Skip the drama and make use of a 2 Port USB car charger. And if you can’t go anywhere without your multiple gadgets and gizmos, opt for a multi Port USB charger. It’s also handy. When you’re traveling with a big group of friends. 

#8  Keep an emergency kit in your car. 

It’s always a good idea to keep Emergency Essentials in your car. Especially if you’re going on a long road trip. This way, you won’t end up stranded on the side of the road without any supplies. The most important thing, your emergency kit should have inside included a flashlight and some spare batteries, and road flares. Jumper cables include a tool kit, a first aid kit with Band-Aids, antiseptic, antibiotic ointment, bug spray, tweezers, cotton balls, gauze pads, bandage wrap, and aspirin. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual, In case you have to repair your car on your own. A fire extinguisher. They make small ones that are easy to store. Rain ponchos, that will protect you in bad weather. A reflective safety vest, a warm blanket, comfortable shoes or sneakers, a roll of toilet paper, you would laugh now but the day might come when you’ll be happy to follow these tips. A gallon or two of water packs a fresh one for long road trips. Extra stuff, You may want to keep in your car, Includes an ice-scraper. It’s Irreplaceable when you get stuck in the mud and a small battery-powered fan. Now, you’re all ready for anything. That might come your way. 

#7   A shoe organizer as a holder. 

If you are sick and tired of the chaos, that’s invaded your car. Just use a shoe organizer to make your space neat and tidy. Hang it on the back of the driver or passenger seat and stock it up with all the items you need to go on a trip. It’ll allow you easy access to Maps, music, books, Kid’s toys, and snacks. 

#6  Don’t forget your inflatable mattress. 

For especially long road trips or maybe a situation, when you’re way too tired to be behind the wheel, you might decide to get some sleep in your car. Whatever, It might be Keep a blow-up mattress in your trunk just in case. Simply put it in the backseat, inflate it, and there you go. They even make special inflatable mattresses that fit cars Perfectly.

#5  Take an atlas.

Do you know what the downside of being dependent on electronics is? They don’t always work. What will you do, If your GPS or phone suddenly dies and you don’t have a charger with you. That’s why you should always keep a road atlas in your car. It’ll come in handy when everything else is of no use. 

#4  A rubber band as a phone holder. 

If you haven’t gotten a phone holder yet, you can use a rubber band or a hair tie. Just Loop it through a vent in your car’s heating and air conditioning system and use it to hold your phone in place. This way you’ll always be able to see the screen when following directions. 

#3  Go to a fast food restaurant if you get lost.

Let’s say you got lost, your phone’s dead. And you forgot to take your roadmap or you’re trying to find a certain place in an unfamiliar town. Well, you can always go old school and ask for directions, and there’s no better place to ask than a fast-food restaurant or a gas station. These two places see so many drivers all day every day a lot of whom probably ask for directions. So the staff will most likely have the answer to your question as well.

#2  Floor Mats will help you if you get stuck. 

Tons of people have probably heard of the kitty litter technique for when you get stuck in the mud or snow, but not all of us think to keep trail jacks in our car for this purpose. So in that case you can also use your floor mats. Just place some under the back wheels to increase the traction. This method works just as well when it’s come to getting in your car unstuck. 

#1  Breath fresh air with the help of a button.

There is a special button on the dashboard of your car that takes care of the air you breathe. It holds the car`s recirculation button. Surprisingly not a lot of people know exactly what the little image means. Even now, they switch it on from time to time. If you are stuck in traffic you can push this button to keep the dirty unpolluted air in your car from getting inside. It will recirculate the air that’s already in your car.

Which of these road hacks have you ever used?

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