In 2022, gas and diesel are expected to rise. As a result, the “muscle car” will be making a comeback as people try to save fuel costs by going faster and getting better mileage with these cars. They may seem rarer now than they did in the ’70s and 80’s when fuel prices were low. However, they’re still worth it if you want something that can really get up and go. Here are some things you need to know before buying your first muscle car in 2022:

1) Muscle cars were never really gone- they just went into secrecy over the years. The reasoning behind this was simple: in the ’70s and 80’s people didn’t care as much about performance. People were more concerned with looks and luxury. It was a different time, as gas was much cheaper and everyone had fewer expenses. However, in 2022, people are going to start caring again because of the price of gas.

2) Performance will always be important, but fuel efficiency will too because of how high gas prices will get. This means that the muscle car may become a higher-end item that sometimes costs more than your average new car. For example, if you want to buy a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 in 2022, it’s expected to cost over $72,900.

3) There will be other options, too, besides muscle cars like electric cars, hybrids, and self-driving cars. However, these are not expected to be able to rival muscle cars in power and speed or even on gas mileage. These might be the best option if you’re looking for something that can go as fast as a muscle car but doesn’t have quite as much power when compared to one. However, they’ll still need gasoline every now and then.

4) These cars will also be getting a lot of attention for their looks. They’ll be more about taking up the road, getting down the road, and cruising than they will on style. Many of them will look like modern American muscle cars but with a new look. It may be that these cars were never really gone, only in hiding.

5) For example, you may see these cars become more luxurious since people can now afford this type of car. They might have nice interiors as well as comfort features like heated seats and a nice cabin atmosphere. However, they’re going to remain fast and powerful.

6) New engine designs may be made for these cars to help them become even more powerful and faster. At this point, it’s too soon to tell what exactly engineers are going to decide on, but it could be that hybrid engines or diesel engines are going to be integrated into these new muscle cars. Polaris may even become the new engine of choice in these cars because of how much power they can produce.

7) You can customize your muscle car in 2022, or you could have one built from scratch by a company like Lincoln. In fact, you’ll have plenty of options as long as you’re willing to spend enough money. The most expensive muscle car in 2022 right now is probably the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. However, it’s expected to cost as much as a small home by this point.

8) The price of gas may be formidable, but it will be worth it if the muscle car can help you go faster and get better mileage. However, for people concerned with things like budgeting, electric cars are much more affordable than muscle cars. However, they’re still not as powerful or able to hold their own on the highway against a real muscle car like a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500.

9) People who like to drive fast will find the muscle car a lot of fun by 2022. In fact, you’ll probably find that a lot of people are going to want the muscle car, and they’re going to wait until they can get one. This means that the muscle car will be in high demand around this time, especially among people who live in states where gas is expensive.

10) Many people may want to buy two cars- one electric and one high performance. They might wind up with two different types of cars because of how different they are in terms of price, performance, and even appeal.

11) Some people may not want to wait for this to happen. Instead, they’ll choose to buy a new car (a hybrid or an electric) and get used to the idea that there won’t be any more muscle cars in 2022. However, people who know their cars will probably still want one because they know that the muscle car may come back yet again.

12) You might see some older muscle cars being sold at a bargain price by 2022. These cars may have been parked away for many years and are then put up for sale as a result of low gas prices, and the economy is bad at this time. This will make them more affordable to the average person, and they’ll be worth buying because of the status of the muscle car in terms of performance, looks, and style.

13) It’s possible that these cars may become rarer because there won’t be a real demand for them by 2022. Instead, people will try to fix them up so they can still be used as they were intended to be. It’s also possible that you might buy an old muscle car at this point, but it might not really be usable at this time due to some mechanical issues or because it hasn’t been maintained well in the first place.

14) The future of muscle cars is going to depend on what engineers decide to do with these vehicles in terms of design and performance. They could be powered by gasoline, or they could be powered completely by electricity. They could also be hybrid vehicles, or fossil fuels could even power them in 2022.

15) The number of muscle cars on the road will depend on how many people see them as a necessity instead of as a luxury in their lives. It may take a while for them to either get used to the idea of buying an expensive muscle car or for their gas prices to rise so high that it’s impossible not to buy one.

16) The power and speed of your average muscle car are going to get even better over time due to new designs and new engine options. For example, it’s possible that gasoline-powered engines will be changed so they can get even better mileage as long as they are able to produce the power of a muscle car.

17) It also seems likely that sound systems in these cars will have to be improved at this point, or muscle cars won’t really be considered muscle cars anymore. They’ll be more like luxury cars on wheels, and that could change the entire dynamic of what these vehicles are about in the first place.

18) The basic design of your average muscle car is not going to change by 2022. However, you might see an increase in comfort features along with a lot of high-tech features that help vehicle owners make sure their engines run well.

19) Muscle cars might become more popular because they are more affordable than they’ve ever been before. Gas prices may be high, but they’re not going to cost as much as they’ll do so in 2022. This means that people will want to get new ones and use them instead of older ones since they’ll be less expensive.

20) Driving your muscle car has never been better because you can control your car with touch screens and by using other tech features as well. This means that you could get better gas mileage or even find a way to save money on gas in some cases if you use the proper driving method for your muscle car.

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