Two new all-electric Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV models have a high-performance powertrain concept.

The EQE SUV, built by Mercedes-AMG, is the company’s first all-electric vehicle. There are two AMG EQE SUV models: the EQE Matic and the EQE Matic+.

Two new all-electric Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV models have a high-performance powertrain concept based on a pair of electric motors. With an electric motor at each wheel, the EATs’ potent electric powertrain provides infinitely variable all-caster power that delivers the user’s force to the road surface in the best possible manner in every road condition.

As the optional AMG activates an extra backpack with increased power, the EQE Matic’s horsepower increases from the EQE 53 Matic+ horsepower increases from to. Torque levels up to 1000 Nm are considered to be the greatest levels possible.

This version has a maximum speed of km/h and a delivery time of. abnormal across the range of km/h. The front and rear AMG electric motors are permanent magnet synchronous machines. In the ethics of vigor and torque, an emphasis on performance is taken as read. In addition, electric motors have the advantages of being quiet, efficient, and able to produce a great deal of power.

Batteries power the electric motors with a functional capacity of kWh and a stated range of kilometers.

When it comes to stopping power, the newest models bearing the Mercedes-Benz sports analysis logo use mm front and -agent calipers and an mm disc and a piston caliper on the rear axle. brakes with bowls are an option.

When it comes to its exterior appearance, this AMG electric SUV stands out because of its large surfaces and dynamic proportions, both of which serve to highlight the driver’s daring character.


Further, the AMG’s distinctive black panel radiator grille with printed chrome vertical fins, the Mercedes logo, and the word “AMG,” among other features, ensures great visibility and helps to bolster the brand’s image.

The AMG logo, instead of the Mercedes star, is a new distinguishing feature on the beanie. Another detail of the front fascia is the body-color AMG bumper that has a glossy atramentous A-addition and chrome treatment.

The gleaming black entry splitter with aerodynamic splits and fins on the pointed air intakes has the same aesthetic. The air blind effect is created by the smart atramentous air diffusers on the larboard and suitable sides, and it directs air to flow around the front wheels. The standard digital headlights on an AMG car provide a unique projection when the trunk is opened and closed.

The AMG-specific fender coverings are a nice touch, and the door handles blend in seamlessly with the bodywork. The new SUV also has an AMG light admixture auto with wheels that are either – or -inches in diameter and aerodynamically tuned. The sporty profile is complemented by a ballista-shaped set of taillights and a body-colored bumper with a diffuser and longitudinal fins designed for aerodynamics.

The seats have a unique design and are upholstered in special cool synthetic leather with Microcut microfiber and purple stitching; these and other AMG details contribute to the interior’s daring vibe.

AMG also offers a Nappa leather seat cowl, which has a unique design. Furthermore, the AMG logo is prominently displayed on the front seat backrests, and AMG badges are shaped into the headrests. Numerous devices, such as an AMG efficiency sports steering wheel covered in Nappa leather, a flat lower section, perforated blanket on the hand rests, aluminum tabs to adjust the various levels of energy recovery, and buttons for the individual assignment of specific AMG regulations, highlight the model’s distinctive interior design.

We also draw attention to the AMG sports pedals and the door wrap protection panels emblazoned with the AMG logo and lit up with a switchable blanket.

Both of the latest AMG-badged designs may be outfitted with Mercedes-cutting-edge Benz’s MBUX Hyperscreen as an extra. Three separate shows are mounted behind a single bottle surface, giving the impression of a separate screen, and the massive curving bottle display stretches from the A-structure to the A-level on the opposite side.


The MBUX’s adaptive software allows it to learn from each individual driver and provide tailored guidance on a wide range of topics, including entertainment, comfort, and vehicle features. Band zero always provides the most essential applications, according to the current setting and ambiance, at a polished visual peak.

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