Are you looking to add some extra storage to your Honda CR-V? A roof rack is a great way to make the most out of the available space and ensure you can carry all your gear with you on your next adventure. In this article, we will discuss the best roof racks for your Honda CR-V, including their features, benefits, and why they are a great addition to your vehicle.

What are the benefits of a roof rack for your Honda CR-V?

Roof racks provide a convenient way to transport bulky items such as luggage, bikes, skis, and kayaks without sacrificing interior space. They also allow you to maximize the carrying capacity of your vehicle, ensuring that you can bring along everything you need for your next trip. Additionally, roof racks can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your Honda CR-V, giving it a sporty and adventurous look.

When selecting a roof rack for your Honda CR-V, it is essential to consider factors such as weight capacity, ease of installation, and compatibility with your vehicle’s existing roof rails. Furthermore, you’ll want to choose a roof rack that is durable, weather-resistant, and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Let’s explore some of the best roof racks available for your Honda CR-V.

Which roof racks are compatible with the Honda CR-V?

One popular option for the Honda CR-V is the Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack. This sleek and aerodynamic roof rack is designed to seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s roof rails, providing a secure and stable platform for carrying your gear. With a weight capacity of up to 165 pounds, the Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack is perfect for transporting a variety of items, including bikes, skis, and kayaks.

Another excellent choice for the Honda CR-V is the Yakima Skyline Roof Rack. This versatile roof rack system features a modular design, allowing you to customize the setup to meet your specific needs. The Yakima Skyline Roof Rack can accommodate a wide range of accessories, such as cargo boxes, bike racks, and kayak mounts, making it an ideal option for outdoor enthusiasts.

How do I install a roof rack on my Honda CR-V?

Installing a roof rack on your Honda CR-V is a relatively straightforward process that can typically be completed in just a few simple steps. Most roof racks are designed to attach directly to the vehicle’s existing roof rails, eliminating the need for any drilling or modifications. To install a roof rack on your Honda CR-V, begin by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions, which will outline the specific mounting points and hardware required for installation.

Start by placing the roof rack onto the vehicle’s roof rails, ensuring that it is aligned properly and securely fastened. Once the roof rack is in position, tighten the mounting hardware to the recommended torque specifications, ensuring that it is firmly attached to the roof rails. After complete installation, it is essential to test the roof rack to ensure that it is secure and can safely support the intended load.

What are the best accessories for my Honda CR-V roof rack?

Once you have installed a roof rack on your Honda CR-V, you may want to consider adding some accessories to further enhance its functionality. Cargo boxes are an excellent accessory for increasing the storage capacity of your roof rack, allowing you to carry additional gear and equipment on your adventures. Additionally, bike racks and kayak mounts are popular accessories that can be easily attached to a roof rack, providing a convenient way to transport recreational equipment.

Another useful accessory for your Honda CR-V roof rack is a wind fairing, which can reduce wind noise and improve fuel efficiency while driving at highway speeds. Roof rack tie-down straps are also essential for securing your gear and ensuring that it remains stable and secure during transit. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with your Honda CR-V roof rack, providing added convenience and functionality for all your outdoor activities.


Adding a roof rack to your Honda CR-V can greatly expand its carrying capacity and versatility, allowing you to transport all your gear with ease. With options such as the Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack and Yakima Skyline Roof Rack, you can find the perfect solution for your specific needs. By selecting a durable and reliable roof rack and complementing it with the right accessories, you can transform your Honda CR-V into the ultimate adventure vehicle.


1. Can I install a roof rack on my Honda CR-V myself?

Yes, most roof racks are designed for easy installation and can be installed by following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to ensure that the roof rack is securely attached and can support the intended load before use.

2. Do I need special roof rails to install a roof rack on my Honda CR-V?

Many roof racks are designed to attach directly to the vehicle’s existing roof rails, eliminating the need for any modifications. However, some roof rack systems may require specific roof rails for installation.

3. Can I leave the roof rack on my Honda CR-V when not in use?

It is generally safe to leave the roof rack installed on your Honda CR-V when not in use, as long as it does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle. However, it is essential to periodically inspect the roof rack and ensure that it remains securely attached.

4. Are roof racks compatible with all Honda CR-V models?

Most roof rack systems are designed to be compatible with specific year models of the Honda CR-V. It is essential to verify the compatibility of a roof rack with your particular vehicle before making a purchase.

5. What is the weight capacity of a roof rack for a Honda CR-V?

Roof racks for the Honda CR-V typically have a weight capacity ranging from 150 to 200 pounds, depending on the specific model and design. It is essential to adhere to the weight capacity limits to ensure safe and secure transportation of your gear.


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