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Can a Tesla Windshield Crack from Extreme Climate? All You Need to Know

Can a Tesla Windshield Crack from Extreme Climate? All You Need to Know

A Tesla windshield crack is a nasty damage to your car’s appearance and functioning. It’sIt’s very noticeable and not a repair you can ignore. A Tesla windshield is not resistant to damage, just like normal combustion cars and can crack for various reasons- an accident, poor quality or even extreme temperatures. But can Tesla windshields crack from extreme climate? Read on to learn all about Tesla windshield cracks.

Can a Tesla windshield crack from extreme climate?

The short answer is yes. Tesla windshields can crack from fluctuating temperatures from very hot to very cold. Excessive heat also causes cracks. The layered glass structure can fracture when they expand and compress at different rates. Both extremely hot and extremely cold conditions are never good for Tesla vehicles.

These cracks are called ‘‘stress’’ or ‘‘thermal’’ cracks. You must already know that glass expands when heated. So during the extreme sweltering summer heat, when the different layers of glass expand at different rates, it puts pressure on the other layers causing the crack. 

The glass will expand at different rates when the internal climate of the car is colder compared to the outside. For instance, when it’s very hot, and you have turned on the air-conditioning, you risk cracking the windshield. And another instance is when it’s very cold outside, and you turn on the heater. The clash between both contrasting temperatures causes the crack.   

Tesla windshields crack more often than windows.

It’s true. Tesla windshield crack happens more often than on Tesla windows. This may be due to the fact that windshields are larger and due to the air vents right behind them. Windows are comparatively smaller and less vulnerable. 

Stress or pressure usually affects wider objects than smaller ones. And the direct flow of air currents close to the windshields causes a difference in the temperatures of the glass layers. Windows don’tdon’t have air vents near them, so they are less likely to suffer from contrasting temperatures. 

What to do in the case of a Tesla windshield crack?

Unfortunately, windshield cracks don’t go away by itself not do they get better over time. On the contrary, the crack would most likely be aggravated by vibrations as you drive and get worse. Factors that will increase the crack include curbs, potholes and suspension problems. 

There are two ways to fix a Tesla windshield crack. One is to use fillers. But you can use fillers only for small cracks. So it’sit’s important to fix it as soon as the crack appears. If you wait till the crack grows larger, you will have to replace the entire windshield. 

Fillers are quite effective in fixing the crack as well and preventing them from spreading. Fillers are glue that is specially designed to fill small cracks in the glass. They are very handy and easy to use. There are many over-the-counter windshield repair kits in the market that you can buy and use following the instructions on the package. 

If the cracks are large, a filler will not work. And if the cracks are in the edges, they cannot be repaired. The windshield must be replaced. A windshield repair will cost up to $120, but a Tesla windshield replacement will cost you $2000. Usually, if the crack is less than 6 inches, you can fix it with a filler. If it is longer, you will need a replacement.

Ways to prevent Telsa windshield from cracking

There are only two ways to deal with a Tesla windshield crack. To fix it using a filler or to replace the glass. But replacing it can be expensive. Here are some ways to prevent the windshield from cracking. 

  • Avoid using the air-conditioner at high speed at extremely cold temperatures, as the contrast in internal and external temperatures is the culprit behind windshield cracks. Minimize the use of both air-conditioning and turning up the heater too high when it’sit’s freezing outside. 
  • Always park in the shade. When the car heats up too much, it will cause the air-conditioning to turn up automatically. Avoid direct sunlight and parking in snow. 
  • Do not wash your car with cold water when it’s very hot outside and vice versa. 
  • Fix small cracks as soon as possible. This will prevent them from spreading.
  • Do not pre-condition your car when it’s covered in snow. Remove the snow first. The windshield will freeze in the snow and cause cracks when pre-conditioned. 


So yes, a Tesla windshield crack can happen in many cases, including extremely cold and extremely hot conditions. The crack is caused by uneven expansion of glass layers caused by contrasting temperatures within and without the car. If the crack is small, you can easily fill it yourself with a filler. But if the crack is too large or too many, you will have to replace the entire windshield. 

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