Did you just find that your Tesla Bluetooth is not working? Well, try not to panic. There are many reasons why this could be happening. Read on to learn why and what you can do to fix it.

Your Tesla Bluetooth not working: Reasons and Solutions

Tesla cars come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect all your smart devices like iPhones, ipads and other devices with it. This is very convenient for Tesla drivers, allowing them to take calls while driving and to lock and unlock the car automatically.
But yes, when the locking and unlocking suddenly do not work, it can be very frustrating. Here are some possible reasons for Tesla Bluetooth not working and what you can do to solve them.

1. It could be a problem with the car’s touchscreen.

The touchscreen could be faulty. Have it assessed by a service station and have it replaced if necessary. The new screen might be the solution for your Tesla Bluetooth malfunctioning constantly.

2. Check the Tesla app

When your Bluetooth is not working, check the app on your smartphone. Sometimes it might just be the case of an update. Try updating the app if an update is available. If this does not work, then uninstall and reinstall the app again.

3. Problem with the username.

Try not to use a username with extra characters like hyphens, dashes or commas, as this could cause the Bluetooth connection to drop. Use a simple name using only alphabets to solve this problem and keep the phone close to the car always.

4. Try a soft or hard reboot.

Most often, problems that arise in a Tesla car can be solved with a soft or hard reboot. Turn off the car and restart.
For a soft reset, park the car first. Then unplug all USB devices and hold the scroll wheel on both buttons for the touchscreen to turn black and restart. Then try connecting the Bluetooth again.
For a hard reset, first, park the car somewhere. Then unplug all USB devices. Then press and hold down the brake. Hold the scroll wheel on both buttons till the screen turns black and restarts. Try connecting the Bluetooth again.

5. Turn the car off completely.

Try turning off the Tesla car and restarting it completely. For this, park the car somewhere and shut all the doors. On the car’s touchscreen, select control, then safety and security. Wait until the screen and interior turn off. It would take about two minutes for the car to shut down fully. Then press the brake pedal to wake the Tesla or open the doors. Check if the Bluetooth is working now.

6. Clean the cache

The Tesla app cache saves all the activities you do on the app. Delete this daily. Bluetooth malfunction can also be caused by a bug. Update the latest Tesla app and clean your cache regularly.

7. Check for bugs

All software is vulnerable to bugs and glitches. Check if other apps in your phone are malfunctioning too. Any problems with the functioning of your smartphone could be an indicator that the problem of Bluetooth connection is with your phone. Try restarting to help troubleshoot these problems. Then check if the Bluetooth is working.

8. Re-position your phone

Another reason why your Tesla Bluetooth may not be working is because you have positioned your phone far away from the front of the car. The car’s Bluetooth works best when you sit in the driver’s seat with the phone, and all the windows are closed.

9. Contact Tesla customer service.

If you find it unable to solve the Bluetooth problem even after restarting both the car and phone and resyncing them, and you find that your phone and car are fully updated, then your last resort could be Tesla customer service. Professionals at Tesla will help you troubleshoot the problems and advise you on what to do.


Tesla Bluetooth not working could be due to multiple reasons, like your phone or car needing a software update or a problem with the touchscreen. Follow the steps above to help troubleshoot those problems, or if you are unable to do so, you can always contact Tesla customer service for support.

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