Air-conditioning in Electric Vehicles.

For many decades we were in pride for having invented the internal combustion automobile, and though we were at the height of technology. But along came electric vehicles with the latest technologies we have never dreamed about, and now the popularity for gasoline cars is declining steadily. We may not have thought that an electric car would be capable of providing air-conditioning as well, but it does.

Tesla cars are creating sensational waves with their latest innovations. Yes, they have air-conditioning too. Tesla cars have climate control for their entire vehicle and various other advanced features. But contrary to combustion engine cars, the compressor is not driven by the belt in the motor but by the battery. This means that, unlike combustion cars, the air-conditioning in a Tesla can operate at any time.

How does air-conditioning work in a Tesla car?

Due to the AC system of a Tesla running on the battery, we can start the Ac without starting the engine. This can be so helpful, especially when it is sweltering hot and you have the car parked somewhere. You cannot have a nap with windows rolled down because it’s dangerous. So being able to have the AC on when your car is switched off is extremely safe and convenient.

The climate of your car can be controlled without even having to be near your car because it works remotely. In addition, Tesla has an app that allows users to pre-condition the car’s temperature before entering the vehicle. It also has a camping mode that allows you to regulate the temperature for about 48 hours. Again, very safe and convenient if we want to have a nap in the car.

Teslas also come with overheating protection that automatically turns the AC on if the car’s temperature gets warmer than 105 Fahrenheit. This helps the car’s interior from heat damage and from excessive heat when you get in.

There is a dual-zone climate control system that splits the car’s interior into different sections, making cooling more efficient and quicker. Tesla cars like Model 3 have long vents across the dash, which regulates the airflow throughout the car at an even distribution.

Is the Air-conditioning in Teslas effective?

A Tesla is a smart car that uses intelligent software to regulate its system, including climate. But the effectiveness of climate control depends on the quality of the battery, as it relies solely on battery power to run. The only disadvantage of the air-conditioning system of a Tesla is that it can run down the battery power faster, which could instead have been used for extra range.

Teslas have a long range and can travel for an average of 300 miles on a full charge. But a fully functioning air-conditioning will reduce about 30 miles. An effective AC will affect the mileage of a Tesla. But the question remains whether battery-powered AC is less effective than that of an internal combustion car.

In my experience battery powered, AC does not work as effectively as combustion cars. Software systems have to be occasionally rebooted and are not as reliable as in less smart combustion cars. But the extra features that come with a Tesla are way cooler and give a better driving experience than a normal car. And being able to nap in the car with the AC on comes very, very handy.

Having the AC on full blast would mean your battery power depreciates faster. But there are many software measures that prevent the car from running dangerously low, and this includes turning the AC off. A Tesla will also alert you beforehand when your battery is running down fast, so you can find a convenient charging station.


Yes, Teslas do have air-conditioning systems and climate control that run on battery power, unlike a combustion car. Its AC may not be as effective as a gasoline-powered car, but it comes with many innovative features, like being able to turn it on and off remotely even when the engine is off and pre-conditioning the car before we drive. A Tesla smart car is not as reliable as gasoline cars in many ways, but their additional features, not found in any other car, definitely do make up for it.

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