Home American muscles The Camaro sports coupe”Z28″ with a V8 given full throttle

The Camaro sports coupe”Z28″ with a V8 given full throttle

The Camaro sports coupe”Z28″ with a V8 given full throttle

What is the “Big V8”

The Camaro sports coupe features a V6 engine and a “Z28” with a V8. The 5.7-liter V8 lies behind the front axle, just sunk into the bulkhead that separates the engine compartment from the cabin, and takes up only half of the engine hood’s length. The initial half of the game is the crushable zone. It provides the dignified ambiance of a full-size American car with a total length of fewer than 5m and a wheelbase of 2565mm. It is not the type that requires a precise and delicate operation, but rather one in which you may sit back and drive quickly. He never falls behind, though, and he also exhibits his dynamic performance. The “Big V8” (by current standards) indicates violent acceleration when given full throttle, even when idling and idling. It has a distinct flavor. The body weight of 1560kg is not excessive given the size, but the power required to accelerate a large mass cannot be obtained with a bit of a sports car. With help, the portion operated with both hands and feet is likewise in the reasonably heavy category. The Camaro’s allure is its masculine and powerful appearance.

[Overview] What kind of car is it?

(Series overview)
Camaro, a fourth-generation American specialty introduced in 1993. The wheelbase is 2565mm, which is the same as before. Still, the front suspension has been upgraded from MacPherson struts to double wishbones, and the steering system has been switched from ball circulation to rack and pinion. At its introduction, the engine lineup consisted of a 3.4-liter V6 and a 5.7-liter V8 from Corbett Yuzuki. A coupe body and a convertible were offered in 1994. The V6 was increased to 3.8 liters. Following a makeover in 1998, the V8 engine was converted from an iron block to an aluminum block.

(Grade overview)
The 3.8-liter V6-equipped “Sports Coupe” (2.99 million yen), V6-equipped “Sports Convertible” (3.96 million yen), and V8-equipped “Z28” (3.53 million yen) will be available in Japan. There are three kinds. Both are mated to a four-speed automatic transmission—the Z28 sports a leather interior and somewhat thicker tires. When the cooling water is insufficient, it includes a “rim home” function that allows the cylinders to run while alternatively resting.


[Inside the car & luggage space] Why don’t you try it?

(Instrument panel + equipment)
Meters are easy to view since they are three-dimensional and have a huge display. Because it’s so uniquely American, you don’t even need to read the handbook to figure out how to use it.

(Front seat)
Even if you sit loosely, it fits somewhere, and you don’t get tired of it. This “huge capacity” is appealing. The absolute size is enormous, the shape is good, and even if you examine it in detail, it does not appear to be that much. Still, it is a type that does not dissatisfy you.

(Rear seats)
For the time being, spatial objects will be secure. The back seat is an excellent spot to put a jacket that you’ve taken off and pets like dogs. So it’s not the comfiest location to sit, but it’s an excellent place to put a child seat if you’re only going for a short trip.

(Luggage room)
When you open the huge glass hatchback, you’ll notice a surprisingly large space. A large gasoline tank occupies the rear axle, but the area is behind it for deep and wide golf bags. However, placing heavy objects on it is inconvenient because the entrance is so high.

[Drive Feel] What if you drive?

(Engine + Transmission)
Running resistance is huge and boring at low speeds, but expect explosive and furious acceleration once the throttle is opened. This is a feature specific to the American V8. Even if you manipulate the shifter and shift manually, AT is not a pleasurable type. However, it is also true that it does not make you feel compelled to do so. I usually only use “D,” “R,” and “P.”

(Ride quality + handling)
The Z28 is a high-performance sports vehicle, and it’s not what you’d expect from an American automobile with its fluffy ride quality. Despite its stiffness, it is often comfortable since the potential energy provides a flatness with little change in posture due to its size and weight. You can enjoy handling with a quick steering gear ratio and tremendous power.



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