Classic trucks and hot American muscle cars

A vintage truck, a classic truck is a pickup truck that has sentimental importance to its owner because of its age or its place in automotive history. While many restored vintage vehicles are still road-worthy, it is the truck’s original body that often draws the most attention.

What really is in a name? It was easy for the QruisinPCH crew. The world was shut down, and there weren’t many intriguing things to do, but they had their automobiles. They’d get together and cruise, and as more individuals joined in, the Quarantine Cruise was created. We may be a few years removed from rationing bog rolls and stockpiling Italian noodles, but the cruise, still made reference to by its original name, continues, with what has grown into the largest moving monthly automotive display anywhere. While car exhibitions, rallies, tours, and local car and coffee meetings have returned, the Containment Cruise, with its huge event of vintage cars, classic cars, pickups, K5 Blazers, Broncos, and VWs, has created a niche as a must-attend meetup among the California faithful.

The world is still an interesting place, despite the constant volley of international and economic updates, but as the Containment Cruise started gathering in May for the 27th version of the occasion, the crowds brought in flocked, spinning in smart and early and prepping the enormous Technique is done and the Admixtures and gourmet institution with case studies of nearly each, make, and template of classic car and truck imaginable.

hot American muscle cars

“It’s about camaraderie, positive vibes, and the idea that you will never know what you’ll see on the Contamination Cruise,” co-founder Ken Johnson explained. “Everyone is smiling as they walk in. There are journalists and filmmakers everywhere, catching the activity, and there is a palpable buzz in the air.”

Those grins and enthusiasm lasted all morning, over coffee and brunch, as participants and observers alike discussed their love of all things on wheels. Then, apparently on cue, the amassed throngs of over 1,000 automobiles revved up their engines and hit the road to enjoy the springtime sunlight along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway. The party diced and revved and drove down the scenic route, ultimately landing in Long Beach, USA, at the Wahoo’s Cod Tacos cafe to familiarize themselves and locate the automobiles that drew their eye while having fresh tacos and a Cerveza.

hot American muscle cars

“It was just a great day,” said Hek Valdez, another co-founder of the organization. “What could possibly be better? We’re at the beach, surrounded by fantastic people and rides, and everyone is having a great time. That is the finest part of it all. Things might become a little chaotic and unexpected these days, but when everyone gets together to cruise, it’s all forgotten. It’s unique, and we’re grateful to have the support of such a wonderful group of people who choose to spend their time with us.”

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