The greatest way to illustrate that the Muscle Car actually is the epitome of power and performance is to drag these highly tuned monsters down the quarter-mile.  In a series of drag races, the Wheels YouTube Channel released a clip in which old school muscle cars competed against their modern counterparts, and the results were shocking


It runs the quarter-mile in 11.87 seconds, compared to 12.14 seconds for the Ford. 

These events allow us to see how far the Muscle Car tale has progressed. You would assume these ancient masterpieces have no chance, but you’d be shocked by the results. The majority, if not all, of the cars are powered by a big-block V-8 engine. Let us begin the party.


In a series of drag races, classic muscle automobiles compete against their newer counterparts. The Hellcat Widebody takes on a classic Plymouth Roadrunner first.

We start with a current HellCat Widebody taking against the classic 1970s Road Runner. Both cars have drag racing tires in the front and skinnier tires in the back.

Both vehicles are on drag radials. The Black Dodge wins this one with 10.24 seconds for the standing quarter mile, followed by the Road Runner with 10.80 seconds. 

The Christmas lights glow green, and the Black Dodge gets off to a strong start, but the Plymouth fights the SRT all the way to the finish line.  

The Hellcat runs the quarter-mile in 10.24 seconds, while the Road Runner comes in at 10.80 seconds


Following that, we have a current Mustang Cobra interpretation of a classic Chevrolet Chevelle.

The next car is a Shelby spin on a classic Chevelle. Despite its aggressive appearance, the Mustang appears to be factory stock. The Chevy, on the other hand, has a supercharger protruding from its hood. It rides on drag radials and features a wheelie bar and parachute on the back.

And it shows, as the Chevelle easily won this one, clocking a scorching 10.52 seconds against the Mustang’s 11.84 seconds.

For the launch, both cars form a line. When the lights turn green, the Chevelle gets some air and takes the lead over the Mustang. The Chevy wins on a clean run, clocking in at 10.52 seconds for the standing quarter, compared to 11.84 seconds for the Mustang Cobra.


Following that, we have what appears to be a heavily modified current Mustang with drag radials taking on a late 1960s Camaro SS.

This time, we’ve got a modern Mustang 500 without its hood. It has Drag radials and appears to be a well-tuned beast. On the other hand, we have a late 1960 Camaro SS fitted with Drag radials, and the Camaro’s driver executes a burnout to warm up the tires. Both cars establish a line for the launch.

The Chevy was just a smidgeon ahead of the Ford, clocking in at 11 seconds dead, while the Mustang was just a smidgeon ahead at 10.81 seconds.

The hammer falls, and the Camaro accelerates by a car length. Was it the Mustang’s driver’s poor reaction time, or did he give the Camaro a head start? 

Regardless, the Ford kept pace with the Camaro and won in 10.81 seconds, while the SS finished 11 seconds behind.


Dodge designed this contemporary Demon with one goal in mind: to rule the drag strip. Is there any hope for this neon Plymouth Duster?

One of today’s most potent drag racers, the Dodge Demon Widebody, is pitted against a vintage Plymouth Duster. Dodge designed the Demon with the sole intention of dominating the drag strip, which it accomplishes in style. Dodge is known for giving you all of the extra performance parts for a dollar.

Despite this, the Demon won this battle. It not only passed the Plymouth, but it also beat it to the quarter-mile, clocking in at 10.83 seconds to the Duster’s 17.57 seconds.

Both cars are ready to take off. The Demon provides the Duster a four-second head start once the lights turn green before taking off. From there, it was all about catching the Plymouth, which the Demon did admirably. It ran the quarter-mile in 10.83 seconds, compared to 17.57 seconds for the Plymouth.


Following that, we have a tuned 1966 Dodge Monaco.

Another contemporary Mustang Cobra takes on a 1966 Dodge Monaco in this showdown. The Shelby appears to be the same one we saw previously in the Chevelle duel. It seems to be a bone-stock plant. Meanwhile, Monaco seems to have been tuned, with its massive supercharger protruding from the hood and drag radials. Following a string of 11s. At the start, both cars are lined up.

As the race progressed into the evening, the Mustang cruised to victory, clocking a quarter-mile time of 11.24 seconds to the Dodge’s 13.38 seconds.

Both get a near-perfect launch when the lights go out. It was thrilling to see these two race into the sunset, with the Mustang winning in 11.24 seconds and the Dodge at 13.38 seconds for the standing quarter.


A Chevy vs. Chevy battle is always fun. This time it’s a modern Camaro ZL1

This is a Chevy vs. Chevy battle royale. A Camaro ZL1 with drag racing tires sits in the modern corner. Another late 1960s Chevelle, this time in police livery, with overhead lights, drag radials, and a wheelie stand, may be found in the old school corner.

The ZL1 can’t keep up with this classic, as the Chevelle wins with a quarter-mile time of 11.60 seconds, while the ZL1 finishes in 11.76 seconds.

With a deep growl, the Chevelle sounds excellent. The Chevelle roars past the ZL1 right out of the gate and blasts down the dragstrip to take the win. The Chevelle took 11.60 seconds to complete the standing quarter, while the Camaro took 11.76 seconds.


Can this modest-looking Pontiac Le Mans from the 1970s keep up with the Hellcat SRT?

Another Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT goes head-to-head with a 1970s Pontiac LeMans. The Pontiac seems humble in white, compared to the Challenger’s dazzling blue. Both cars perform a few burnouts before launching. Before the Hellcat, the lights go out and the Le Mans gets a four-second head start.

The Hellcat is let loose, and it manages to reel in the Pontiac and win with a quarter-mile time of 10.59 seconds, compared to 13.24 seconds for the Le Mans.

As it takes out in hot pursuit of the Pontiac, you can hear the SRT’s supercharger whine at full chat. The Challenger outran the Le Mans and won the race, clocking a quarter-mile time of 10.95 seconds to 13.24 seconds for the Pontiac.


Another contemporary Mustang takes on a classic Chevrolet Nova.

The final race pits a contemporary Mustang against a late 1960s Chevy Nova.  With its reverse hood scoop, this Mustang appears pretty powerful. At the same time, the purple Nova saw here also seems to be substantially tuned. After the burnout, both cars line up for the launch.

It rips over the quarter-mile in 11.87 seconds, while the Ford takes 12.14 seconds.

The Nova gets off to an incredible start as soon as the lights turn green, but the Mustang’s driver had a delayed reaction time and ended up behind the Nova all the way to the finish line.  It took 11.87 seconds to complete the standing quarter, while the Mustang took 12.14 seconds.


In the finale, a Challenger R/T Scat Pack will face off against yet another Classic Chevelle.

In the final confrontation, an Orange Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack takes against yet another Silver 60’s Chevelle. When the lights go out, the Chevelle has a hard time getting off the line. On the other hand, the Challenger had a flawless launch.

But don’t write out the Chevelle just yet; by the halfway point, the Chevy had come up to the Dodge and went on to win the race. This came as a complete shock. The quarter-mile time for the Chevelle was 12.78 seconds, while the Challenger took 13.35 seconds.


Five of the nine passes we saw were won by modern cars, while four were won by old-school automobiles. It simply shows that with the correct performance parts and tyres, any classic muscle vehicle can compete with, if not outperform, its modern counterparts.

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