The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind hearing electric vehicles is definitely the name “Tesla”. But many do not know that there are a whole lot of other vehicle manufacturers out there in the industry making different types of electric vehicles some of them are even capable of overpowering the famous Tesla. Moreover, the current industry giants in automobile manufacturing are also into this fast-developing theme by introducing many electric models competing with other brands in the market. 

Through today’s discussion, we decided to give you some insights on these smart and eco-friendly beasts, so whenever that thought of shifting to an EV emerges inside your mind, these facts and information would definitely come in handy for you to select the most suitable EV for you.

We have listed out several EV models here in today’s conversation, based on looks, performance, and budget. So, you can choose based on your taste and the status of your bank account …

For your convenience, we’ve categorized the list of EVs that we’re going to discuss, based on size, budget, luxury, and on common models. 

Size does matter …

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, some are more focused on the size of the vehicle and it’s obvious for a family man to consider the size of a vehicle in which his family can fit comfortably. On the other hand, some do not prefer larger vehicles as they like their ride to be small and cute, so they don’t need to be bothered about the space that the vehicle takes inside the house as well as wherever they are parking it.

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Cute and Small

From an ascending order, let’s check on the cute and small stuff first, and then let’s jump onto the bulky monsters …

Considering several models and brands out there in the market, we picked two EVs that are small in size and we believe these two are the best out there in the market when considering their smaller size.

Being new to the EV platform, the first attempt of the brand is pretty remarkable. On an astonishingly sensible value, Mini has been able to build a quite fun-to-drive EV that gives you one of the best feelings to be in. The electrical outlet-styled wheels being one of the most eye-catching features of the vehicle, the Cooper SE 2022 is made to do 110 miles upon a full charge. With a 50-kilowatt fast charger, the vehicle can be charged up to 80% just within half an hour’s time. Equipped with a boatload of torque inside a small bundle, the mini hides an engine with 181 horsepower under its hood. 

Being more than the sum of its parts, Polestar 2 is an EV which is simply loveable and mostly a great car. Even though the vehicle does not come with the best of the specs, there are a lot more reasons that we push it to the number one position. 

Furnished with a two-motor arrangement that is adequately swift, Polestar 2 has a cool style both in and out. Inclusive with much cooler tech, the Google-based infotainment system grades the finest of us. 

Not so big, not so small either …

After the cute and small, now we’re going to check on the mid-sized EVs. Not much bigger and not smaller either, we have selected two from the remaining models at the market which we trust to be the best in this category. 

Another new brand for the EV game, Ford’s efforts are well recognized. With the cargo space expanding up to 29 cubic feet with all the seats up, the vehicle comes with a great interior where it was recognized as a practical package. Though the name Mach-E being a bit controversial within the market, the vehicle comes with driving dynamics and an all-inclusive package which is considered outstanding by the critics. 

Offering various tastes from the base model to much hotter and more expensive GT versions, Mach-E comes with 290 horsepower obtainable in RWD system and 346 horsepower in all-wheel-drive fit which you can choose according to your taste of performance and the looks. 

First of all, we recommend you not to get your thinking of proportions tilted by the appearances in the pictures. With its E-GMP dedicated EV platform, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 is a much more comfortable cruiser with looks and performances compared to many EVs in the market. 

Equipped with a digital key, the smooth descending center console with four USB ports and an iconic HUD, Ioniq 5 stands out rivaling many EV models existing in the market. 

Full in size and all …

A car takes its majestic look due its grand wholeness and the full appearance. 

For this category, the vehicle we’ve picked is Porsche Tycan 2022, the model according to the paper, “a tough sell”.

On the contrary, many consider this is the best EV to buy. And of course, if you can afford it. With the majestic looks and the quality built, the Taycan priced at a bit of an expensive side. The EV is capable of doing 227 miles with a full charge and with the performance battery option including 4S trim. Hiding an engine that can produce 400 horsepower, the Tycan overran many EV models in the market with its looks, performance and specs providing a complete driving experience to its users.

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Plus sized …

For those who prefer larger than usual, the best that the EV market can provide is the GMC Hummer EV.

With its WTF mode (no, not what you’re thinking), or the Watts to Freedom mode, accelerating the beast weighing 9000 lbs is remarkably impressive. While the current market priced this gigantic beast at a whopping amount of $113,000.00, if you are a patient dude who can wait till 2024, you can own this beast at a price just around $80,000.00. Yes, we know it’s on the higher end at the expensive scale, and this is only the Edition 1 model, let us guarantee you that the experience and the feeling of riding one of these beasts is worth it.

Easy on the pocket …

Now we’re done with the size-based category, let’s hop onto the budget-based category.

According to our research, the best affordable EV in the market right now is Hyundai Kona Electric 2022. Being priced under $50,000.00, Kona offers great range and comes with a stellar warranty. The practical and small SUV-sized vehicle can do 258 miles with a full charge and hiding under its hood is an engine that can produce 201 horsepower. Cargo space expanding up to 19.2 cubic feet with all the seats up, with its unique but simple style, Hyundai’s Kona might be the best option as one’s perfect first EV.

The next most affordable we listed here in our list today is, Volkswagon’s new ID 4 model for the year 2022. With a starting price not too far from Kona, ID4 comes with the traditional VW interiors and considered a decent crossover with a pleasing complete design. Although it’s considered bit peculiar when considering the tech incorporated with the vehicle, VW’s ID4 comes with both all wheel drive and rear-drive modifications. 

When it’s not just about simple comfort …

When you’re not the type of person that is satisfied with just the simpler things, the mind always seeks for more and more comfort, and more luxury.

For those who prefer luxury, we have one of the best when it comes to luxury in electric vehicles. Of course, the brand is no other than the “Mercedes Benz”. Benz introduced their EQS with all the luxury that an EV can offer and also the power and the performance. With outstanding and mind-blowing tech such as the Hyperscreen across the dashboard, this EV offers the best luxuries that a vehicle combined in the current market.

Standing next to the Mercedes Benz EQS in the queue for the luxury-equipped is the 2022 edition of Lucid Air. Though it lacks the automatic staying power compared to EQS, the Lucid’s engineering is not something to consider lightly. Being one of the longest range EVS in the market today, Lucid Air can offer a maximum range of 520 miles with proper conditions. With a cozy and comfortable interior, this vehicle is equipped with loads of quality designs both in and out. 

Different minds, different rides …

We all have different preferences, where we feel comfortable to act with. And same goes with the vehicles as well. We always look for a ride where it can fit into our lifestyle as well as our mindset. So, we thought of talking about different types of EVs in the market today.

#1 Electric SUV

SUVs being a versatile vehicle model, the users who prefer these vehicles are into challenges while balancing their usual life. Stepping into the EV market, BMW introduced the iX SUV bringing back the iconic i3 spirit back onto the road. Its base structure being built with carbon-fiber reinforced plastics similar to the i3 model, iX comes with a 516 horsepower engine under the hood. However, going away from its traditional leather-loaded bimmers, BMW has used more warmer materials to lay the interior of the iX.

Best Pickup truck EV version

The first battery powered light-duty pickup truck in the market, Rivian R1T has been able to surpass the legendary automobile manufacturers, where the vehicle is considered finest as an overall EV. Offering a range of 314 miles with a fully charged battery, the finest quad motor design produces striking acceleration. 

If money’s a no prob …

For those who have an infinite pile of cash stacked in their bank accounts … Rimac Nevera is the one and only option to go for …

The Croatian made a hyper car producing 1914 horsepower from its four motor layout, the beast can hustle at a top speed of 258 mph and can flash past 60 mph in no more than 2 seconds. With its 120 kWh battery offering a range of 300 miles, this beast tagged with a whooping price of $2.45 million.

So, with a night full of EV dreams running all over your bedside, we bid adieu, till we meet again …

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