What’s the best color for your car? Choosing the best car color

What’s the best color for your car? You may think that fussing over the color of your car is unimportant. But it is. There are many factors you must consider when choosing a car color. Some colors are best from a safety point of view, some colors affect its resale value, and some colors allow for easy maintenance.

What is the safest car color?

It may sound strange to know that car color is a factor in your safety. How can the color of your car determine whether you’re prone to accidents? The fact is that it does.

Bright colors are considered safer than dark colors and have a statistically lower crash rate. This is because lighter, brighter colors show more easily than dark colors, especially in bad weather conditions or at night. So yellow would stand out pretty easily as the safest color, followed by white. Orange cars are safe colors, too; because orange is not common in cars, motorists are bound to notice them.

What's the best color for your car

Visibility is one of the main factors in safety. When other motorists can see you more easily, they will likely hit the break faster. And dark color cars can be dangerous in bad weather because they don’t show well. Lighter and brighter colors are also less likely to be stolen than dark colors because, again, yes, due to visibility. Thieves don’t like being spotted while getting away.

So what is the least safe color? You might have guessed. It is black. According to the Monash University Accident Research Centre, black cars are the most dangerous because they are the least visible and blend into their surroundings even during light conditions with buildings and roads. That split-second hesitancy from other motorists can lead to life-changing damages.

But don’t be thrown off if you already own a black car. While car color is a tiny factor, accidents depend on many other factors like drinking and driving, exceeding the speed limit, driving incompetency, weather conditions, and many other issues. Dozing off while driving is also a big cause of accidents. Please read this article for tips to stay awake while driving.

Which car color is easiest to maintain?

The car colors most common and easiest to maintain are black and white. They show dust and dirt less than other colors. According to a study conducted by iSeeCars.com, 77.1% of cars in the United States are black, white, gray, or silver.

If you choose a car color based on ease of maintenance, the classic white is probably the best because it shows dirt the least of all. White is also the most durable and good at hiding scratches. If you are looking for durability, white cars are a good investment. Silver and gray are also quite good in this regard. They are versatile and hide dirt and scuffs.

Choosing the perfect car color to suit you depends on your personality. Yes, white is practical, straightforward, classic and durable. But white is common and boring. If practicality matters to you more than style or appearance, then white is the way to go.
In addition, lighter color cars reflect the glare from the sun more than dark ones. It prevents your car from heating up. This is important to consider if you live in a sunny state like Phoenix or Texas. It could save energy from extra air-conditioning. But this won’t be a factor of concern for you if you live in a cold area.

On the downside, while white color cars hide dirt well, they show mud splashes or stains very clearly. You might be washing white cars often on rainy, muddy days, but the color is durable and doesn’t fade fast. You also don’t have to use any specific car washes to maintain its color.

However, if you find white too boring a choice, then go for grey. Grey also has the same benefits as white but looks exquisite and less classic. And if grey doesn’t suit you, silver will. The color is considered ‘natural,’ and it’s shiny and attractive. Silver cars have good resale value, and they are also low maintenance as they hide dirt and scratches very well.

Which car color is the most luxurious?

what's the best color for your car

The car color that makes it look expensive is generally cream or beige. They are stylish, classic, and luxurious.
But red cars are the most expensive. A red Tesla Model Y would cost more than other colors, at least by $2000. Flashy sports cars are popular in red. So owning a red car is more than a simple paint job. It maintains your social quo!

Why the color is red has less to do with the actual paint job and more to do with the quality of the car. Manufacturers tend to make red cars with higher-quality leather seats and exotic interiors that add to the car’s superior style.

But on the downside, red cars are the least durable and require maintenance because the color fades quickly. Red absorbs the sun’s rays quickly, which makes the paint fade and also makes your car heat up faster. But waxing a red car would cause the paint to last longer and make it look more shiny and stylish.

What is the car color with the most resale value?

The color of cars with the most resale value is generally dark because dark colors are considered more luxurious and expensive looking. These include black, blue, and red. So choose a dark car color if you are looking to sell your car in the future.

Black cars are pretty cool too. It absorbs the sun’s rays and tends to fade easily, but with the right car wash in hand, you can maintain the car in its shiny blackness. But black will not be a practical choice if you are living in a hot and dusty area. Black shows dust clearer than any other paint color, so black is high maintenance.

Generally, people also find certain colors distasteful, like cobalt green. Cobalt green cars are difficult to resell, and it does not hide dust or dirt too well. So you will be washing cobalt green cars more often than other colors, and this would cause the color to fade quickly. Cobalt green is not very versatile.

Brown color is also not very popular. Like green, it has low resale value.

What do you think of gold-plated cars?
While a gold car may be too much to digest for many of us, there are some who like flaunting a high level of luxury. The gold-plated BMW M5 from Russia looks incredible and, needless to say, is ridiculously expensive. But if you’ve got the money, then why not?

What’s the best color for your car? Car colors depend on the car type.

Yes, the best color suitable for a car depends on the type of vehicle and model. White, grey, and silver look great on SUVs, Sedans, and smaller cars, while big pick-ups, vans, and RVs look better in dark colors.

Sports cars look best in flashy bright colors like yellow, orange, green, or red.

The trendiest colors today

What’s the best color for your car? Although many cars in the United States are classic colors like white, silver, grey, and black, there is a growing trend towards more unusual and sophisticated colors. For instance, the Acura Long Beach Blue, Arrow Grey of Audi, the beautiful Thundernight Metallic purple of BMW, electric blue, Amplify Orange and Caffeine color of Chevrolet, the Digital Teal of Hyundai, and even the hot Tuscadero Pink Jeep is taking the car market by storm.

It’s no longer a dull white or classic blue option. Car manufacturers have come up with a number of exciting colors that are unique to their models. And before long, we would be witnessing a rainbow of car colors illuminating the roads of America!

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