Since it has been an interesting topic, we thought we should unfold a few more stories of the famous lowrider’s edition.

Voicing a personality, a culture or an idea, lowriders bring a unique trend to the automobile world. People who embraced it felt madly in love with the movement, and several left alone classic cars had the opportunity to get back on the road with the new looks and character which their owners wanted to portray.

Today we bring you two more iconic lowriders being made where the stories of these builds are very interesting and inspiring.

1979 Chevy Monte Carlo

Lefty is an ex-marine who served at Camp Pendleton returned home back in 1987, decided that he is going to stay in SoCal (Southern California) where he started his post military employment as a mechanic. His first car after settling in southern California was ’79 Monte Carlo which he painted pearl and added wire wheels.

Why Did Celebrities use these classics Lowriders? 1979 monticalo

After spending several years working at SoCal, Lefty decided to go back to his family in Philadelphia, where he rode all the 3000 miles across the country in his Monte on top of the set of wire wheels, which he added to the car lately. As lowriders were not much popular around that time back in Philadelphia, Lefty’s Monte was a rare sight for the residents, and they were much excited to see one in person.

Back then the car consisted of the stock suspension, where the people wanted to see the car hop like a real lowrider, but Lefty could not perform the stunt with the remaining suspension. This led Lefty to make several more embellishments to the vehicle which he did end up adding a Hoppo’s gravity-fed setup including three Duracell batteries, four Zigzag slowdowns and Adel dumps which was only the beginning of it.

With an extended a-arms, a reinforced frame, and several other implementations further down the line, Lefty became a member of the Drastic Auto Club, where he was surrounded by people who has the same motive and the enthusiasm as he did, and the atmosphere was much more encouraging in keep doing what he was doing and improving himself.

Why Did Celebrities use these classics Lowriders? 1979 monti calo

With a V6 engine inclusive of K&N air filter, AC Delco alternator/starter, Edelbrock intake/carburetor/valve covers, MSD ignition, Optima battery, Flowmaster exhaust and Accel distributor, Lefty’s Monte Carlo consists of Candy PPG Brandywine paint with ghost patterns and has Shaved door handles Furthermore the interior of the vehicle contains Dakota Digital gauges, Grant steering wheel, Custom tan leather and peanut-butter suede interior and Ididit tilt steering column.

With Dayton’s Premium Sportway 5.20 13-inch tires, the vehicle completes with a Sony stereo with four Boss amps, plus 10-inch Sony subwoofer and eight Sony speakers with each sizing at 8 inches.

Ace Dippin’ – 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

A quite unique lowrider enthusiast, Isaac Chiu is one of a kind person who has different tastes related to lowriders where his love for the automobile emerged at a very young age. According to his parents, even the first word out of his mouth was ‘carro’ (car).

Chiu got his membership at the renowned Imperials Car Club in El Paso, Texas with his 1963 Impala, where not after so long he decided to conquer his dream, a 1961 Chevy Impala convertible. He struck gold when Joe Esparza put his Impala up for sale, where Chiu had no hesitation in buying the vehicle.

Why Did Celebrities use these classics Lowriders? 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Front Bumper
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Post to the purchase, Chiu had to go through a long procedure in converting the vehicle to the appearance he had during his dreams. The famous Julian Trevino of El Paso, had several long sessions in figuring out the electrical glitches the car had due to its lengthy past and tuning it up to match the expectations of the new owner. Julian made sure that he added a guidematic, a compass, a Muntz 4-track player, 4-way flasher and several other gadgets at the end of his sessions with the Chiu’s Impala.

The president of Imperials, Benny Ramos helped Chiu in de-trimming and chroming the body. Many personnel were involved in the making of Chiu’s Ace dippin’ , a quite remarkable vehicle. As the list goes on, “Old-School ” Eddie Enriquez and Saul Rocha in fitting the new spotlights, the Chevy Shop in El Monte, California executing the paint job plus the bodywork and Ciadella for the car’s Aqua vinyl interior.

Anthony Fuentes from the Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, California matched the exact fit when Chiu thought of Impala’s stance. Anthony inserted a new two pump, three dump setup which helped Chiu to get the vehicle going up and down. Further, the developer makes sure that the vehicle does not come out of its factory look by placing hydro switches at crucial places and not disturbing the appearance. Omar Castaneda of Sounds R Us located in El Paso holds the responsibility of the Impala’s sound system, where he mounted a Pioneer head unit, JBL 6x9s and Kicker amps. Moreover, Omar added a custom box and an amp rack including a pair of DD Audio 608 subwoofers where the rack was painted to go with the looks of the vehicle. 

Running on 13×7 72 spoke Daytons with Premium Sportway 5:20 wheels, the Seamist Turquoise PPG coloured Impala alias Chiu’s Ace dippin’ carries the Chevrolet original 283 cu-in engine under its hood. 

Why Did Celebrities use these classics Lowriders? 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Driver Side Rear View 01
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It’s quite mesmerizing that the effort, time and money spent towards these huge projects in order to voice an idea hidden inside one’s mind. To bring out thoughts, inspirations and ideals through these piles of metals is quite fascinating and it proves again and again that humans are quite remarkable beings living on this planet.

So it’s time to sign off from today’s episode and ‘Adios’, ‘Cheerio’ and ‘Good-bye’ till we meet again with another interesting and gripping episode about the world of automobiles.

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