If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet

Yes, we are given the ability to travel, to see new places, to climb, to conquer great heights, to enjoy nature and to feel the plenty of life around us. And it is not always about the destination, but rather the journey itself.

The call for the wanderer inside you, the traveller inside you, hunger for the adventure lives within you grows gaudier and larger day by day as automakers nowadays keep presenting progressively more off-road-ready rides straight from the factory, where the adventure reaches more effortlessly.

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“I googled my symptoms… turned out I just need to go camping”

Getting ready for the adventure, early preparation is a must in which checking the necessary gears plays a major role in accomplishing your goal and the success of the journey. On top of basic gears and survival tools, packing up a vital set of gears would be a healthy habit that you will always be grateful to have in keeping you well organized in any given crisis and your ride without getting marooned. Nevertheless, this additional cargo would make your wallet a bit lighter and your ride somewhat heavier but not much, bearing this up would come back to you as a blessing, instead of being miserable and stranded.

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It’s not that we are trying market any these tool makers or trying to make a point that it is impossible to enjoy the journey and accomplish the adventure without having these gears but making awareness of how to upgrade your amateur toolkit to a pro level as you gain more exposure and confidence and to attract more and more to travel along this beautiful path.

Tents for Overlanding, Rooftop or else.

  • Tepui Low Pro – 3

Manufactured by Thule, Tepui Low Pro is a low-profile tent with a height of 8.5 inches when compared to other rooftop tents. Fairly a lighter tent weighing 108 lbs, the design was made to save on fuel whereas diminishing the launch effect a rooftop tent occurs on a small vehicle continuing downwards the landscape. Mechanism similar to other rooftop tents, Tepui can also be opened by prying the telescoping ladder giving its clamshell shape once opened. The rooftop tent holds a tag of $1,999.95 as a starting price in the market.

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  • Condor

With the market price of $3,195.00, Condor is a product of renowned manufacturer, Roofnest. Comes with two different models, Condor and Condor XL, the rooftop tent forms a wall out of its lid much similar to iKamper Skycamp Mini. However, the design stands out from the rest, by the way it unfolds its wings and hence the name ‘Condor’. Having a huge inside space of almost across 7ft once opened, the height of the tent reaches 50 inches. Condor and Condor XL weighing 135 lbs and 150 lbs respectively, comes with an additional hard-shell lid allowing the users to pack other necessary equipment on top as well as a zip-open window offering a clear view of the night sky.

  • Guideline Pro 2

A standard rooftop tent designed for 2 people to fit inside comfortably, Guideline pro 2 by MSR comes with a price tag of $1,100.00 as a starting price in the market. A weatherproof design resisting all four seasonal changes, MSR guarantees Guideline Pro 2 is the perfect rooftop tent in the market at the moment.

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Best tires for a rough journey

  • All-Terrain T/A KO2

Priced at $164.00 for the smaller rim size and increases accordingly to the size of the tire, All Terrain T/A KO2 manufactured by BF Goodrich is considered the king of all winter tires. Being the original of all-terrain tires, The BFG All terrain in its latest generation, derives with long-lasting tread and durable sidewall construction merging both on-road and off-road compatibility.

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  • Geolandar A/T G015

Delivering a strong all rounding performance, Geolander by Yokohama is renowned for its resilience and the ability to keep its bigger name competitors quiet. The smaller rim size tire comes with a price tag of $136.00, comparatively a less price than the market rivals, the price goes up as the tire size gets larger.

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  • LTX A/T^2

Claiming a whopping 35 percent of longevity than its adversaries, Michellin’s LTX A/T^2 is a tire famed for balancing both all-terrain and on road traction. Though being a bit expensive, pricing $260.00 for its smaller sized tires, LTX A/T^2 by Michellin was on the race so long for the tire being quality and reliable.

Off-Road gadgets for an Overlanding Escapade

  • Warn 8000-Pound Winch

Since they began their production in 1959, WARN holds a name for manufacturing some of the best off-road winches. The M8000 comes with a price tag of $1,137.00, WARN recommends using this model for smaller off-road rides such as Jeep Wrangler or Nissan Xterra, and asks the customer to pick up a winch considering the pulling capacity of 1.5 times as your vehicle’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight rating; how much can a vehicle weigh safely).

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  • Warn Medium-Duty Winch Accessory Kit

A winch is almost nothing without having correct accessories with it. This medium duty winch kit by WARN includes a 30-foot tow strap, a snatch block, D-shackles, pair of gloves, a tree protector and a heavyweight bag having enough space for more off-road gadgets you have collected over the years. Priced at $197.00, this kit completes your winch set to wash away any worries you have facing a catastrophe.

  • ARB E-Z Deflator Kit

Pricing $42.14 at amazon, this deflator kit by ARB will allow you to detach the valve core off the tire easily for a fast deflation.

  • ARB High Output Air Compressor

The light and compact air compressor unit will make sure you will not be running on deflated tires and ruin your vehicle as well as your journey. This easy to install unit will cost you $299.00, but an important piece of equipment to have with you while you ride towards an exciting destination without having any disturbance.

  • H3R Fire Extinguisher

Surely a rare situation to experience a fire inside a vehicle, having a fire extinguisher and being prepared will be a plus point rather than crying over a disaster. Rated for both Class B (liquids) and Class C (electrical) fires, H3R is a renowned maker of best fire extinguishers and comes to the market with a starting price of $227.99.

  • 6-Inch Pro Sport LED

Having as much light and visibility as possible will always come in handy if you are a rider who wishes to conquer terrains at night. A manufacturer that the customers always turn for when it comes to light and LED options for off-roaders, KC HiLiTES’ 6-Inch Pro Sport LED with a price tag of $239.99 at amazon will surely provide you the visibility you seek in the dark.

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  • Jack X-TREME

A jack is always a better alternative in case your winch is busted. Also used as a heavy-duty clamp, a jack is one of most important pieces to have on an overland expedition. A best seller in the market, Jack X-TREME by Hi-Lift is priced at $127.17 at amazon.

  • MaxTrax Mini

Although many use the famous old trick of using an old mat or a floor carpet to get a vehicle out from snow, ice or mud, a proper quality gadget would be much more useful in a more disturbing situation. Maxtrax Mini by Maxtrax might be a valuable investment of $224.99 for you rather than running around looking for an alternative to get the job done.

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  • E-Tool Folding Spade

Helping you to dig your way out of a jam, a shovel is one important thing you should have in your backpack while going for an adventure. This lightweight but strong foldable survival shovel from Gerber for $73.05 does not need a huge space among your cargo.

  • NATO Jerry Fuel Can

No need for any lengthy explanations as we all know the advantage of having extra fuel while travelling either on an adventure or the usual daily drive. Improved from its typical metal can, the modern NATO Jerry can be introduced by Wavian compliant EPA and CARB retaining the solid quality build of an original metal can.  With a huge discount of 23%, now you can purchase a NATO Jerry fuel can at amazon for only $84.99.

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  • Husqvarna 13.5-in. Steel Hatchet w/ Fiberglass Handle

From preparing timber for the campfire to clearing the path from any fallen trees or extreme vines, a well-built hatchet is a most wanted item in an adventure equipment list. Husqvarna’s new lightweight compact hatchet made out of hand-forged steel attached to a hickory handle is a beast with a $52.95 price tag at amazon, which can also be used as a hammer by beating on anything using the flat side of the hatchet head.

Navigation & Communication

  • TRX7 Off Road Navigator

A renowned name in the industry of GPS navigation for the past 30 years, Magellan introduced TRX7 as their first break-in of dedicated 4×4 navigation. With preloaded maps over 44000 off-road routes from National Parks to public lands, TRX7 gives you the opportunity to record your trails and data where the other explorers can rate and access these trails. Data provided by its users such as slope complications and the complexities of water crossings are used by Magellan in order to improve its maps and provide a more friendly and useful experience to their operators.

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  • MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Maintaining communication between you and the basecamp while you are mountain biking, hiking or kayaking keep you away from any unexpected dangers and help the rescuers find you if in any emergency. With $149.99 marked on the price tag, Midland MXT115 2-Way Radio equipped with NOAA weather channels scanning the weather frequently where you can have yourself informed and prepared.

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  • FAST FIND 220 Personal Locator Beacon

Although the device does not equip messaging services, a personal locator beacon can be a lifesaver if such a situation occurs where all your other communication was down. Within minutes of activating, McMurdo’s Fast Find PLB starts alerting a search and rescue team of your location through COSPAS-SARSAT. Rather than hesitating $231.00 out of your pocket, having a Fast Find PLB is surely a smart move.

Thus, with all the gears packed and ready, let’s start the engine and off we go towards the adventure anticipated ahead.

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